Remington Home Leisure started off as something very different that what you see today in the store.  Lew Remington started us out on this path unknowingly over 30 years ago when he opened his first furniture store in 1989.  A small family owned business offering a selection of upholstery, mattress’ and appliances.  By 1989 Lew was a 20 year veteran of the furniture business and ran distribution centers supplying a number of family owned stores around Atlantic Canada. By 1995 the store at 444 Collishaw street was well established and spacious enough for some growth, but what would that be…

After some interest from Jayne Remington(wife) in a hot tub, Lew decided that the Moncton hot tub market needed to grow.  In June of 1995 after extensive research in many brands of hot tubs, a small corner of the furniture store was allocated to show 2 or 3 Beachcomber Hot Tubs and a Beachcomber 730 model was delivered to its first New Brunswick home later that month.  
While the store continued to grow and prosper the hot tub department seemed to rest around 3 or 4 hot tubs sold per year.  In the year 2000 that would all change, Matthew Remington(son) would come on board at the request Lew Remington to work and grow the hot tub department during his summers off of university. 

The newly found care and attention given to the department along with some marketing to raise awareness grew the business the first year to over 25 hot tubs sold.  From 2001 to 2002 a further 44 would be sold.  As of 2018, that first Beachcomber hot tub, model 730 is still working for it’s owner in Codys New Brunswick, a testament to the quality products sold by Remington Home Leisure.

I (Matt Remington) look back now on those early days with Beachcomber Hot Tubs as the deciding factor for me to take over, and transform our business to what it is today.  We offer a wide variety of products including pools of all types, spas, saunas, billiards, darts, games tables, BBQ’s, fireplaces and more, something no other company around specializes in today.  We have well trained staff for water-care questions, billiard rules, or pool safety guidelines.  We offer our customers a NO Pressure shopping environment with a 15,000 Square foot show room displaying 15 to 20 spas, 10-15 billiard/games tables, In-door Bar-b-que cooking/smoking demonstrations, darts with a “try em before you buy em” dart board, and much, much more.

Our commitment to quality products, knowledgeable staff, and dedicated service personnel is priority 1.  We offer 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year though Facebook chat.  So you know there is always someone to contact, yes a person not a machine!

We look forward to serving our customers for years to come, thank you for supporting local business!

Remington Home Leisure is a proud member of the International Pool Group